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How Big Data And Analytics Are Transforming Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a field where Big Data and analytics have obvious applications. Until recently, however, businesses have been less quick to implement big data analytics in supply chain management than in other areas of operation such as marketing or manufacturing.

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After Moore's Law: Predicting The Future Beyond Silicon Chips

For several decades now, Georgia Tech professor Tom Conte has been studying how to improve computers: "How do we make them faster and more efficient next time around versus what we just made?"

And for decades, the principle guiding much of the innovation in computing has been Moore's law — a prediction, made by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, that the number of transistors on a microprocessor chip would double every two years or so. What it's come to represent is an expectation, as The New York Times puts it, that "engineers would always find a way to make the components on computer chips smaller, faster and cheaper."

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Big data, bigger brother: The rise of James Bond, data scientist

The types of data gathered by the intelligence services are wide ranging - Privacy International which revealed the documents said the agencies had the potential to requisition medical records and confidential information shared with a doctor, travel records, financial records, population data, commercial data, and feeds from internet and phone companies including billing data or subscriber details, content of communications and records from government departments. The agencies use this data to spot individuals of interest who might otherwise remain invisible.

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