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Understanding the Exponential Rise of Big Data in India

Given the number of people and the huge diversity, India seems to be an ideal place for big data. The big data industry in India seems quite exciting as digging deep into data to get trends produces unique, contextual, and varying results. NASSCOM has set a target to make India one of the top three entities in the big data and analytics market, within the next three years. But before talking about the future, it is important to understand the big data industry in India, in its current form.

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Privitar raises $16M to help ensure privacy in big data analytics

As data protection — a set of laws and practices created across different markets to ensure that our sensitive information does not get leaked or shared without our permission — continues to gain priority in our rapidly expanding digital world, a UK startup called Privitar that is building tools to help organizations keep that data private has picked up $16 million in funding to expand its tech platform and take its business to the US market.

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Cloud tech is helping small firms tap into big data

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are drowning in data, but with the right cloud technology apps and setup, they can make use of the deluge without costly infrastructure or IT configurations.

For example, cloud services can take on reams of data that would once have required a room full of servers – and what’s more, data from outside sources can be accessed and even incorporated into a business’s own data points.

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