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Executives Report Measurable Results From Big Data, But Challenges Remain

After a half decade of investment, and periods of trial and error, a near majority of business executives now report successful results from their Big Data investments. According to NewVantage Partners 5th annual Big Data Executive Survey, 48.4% of corporate executives that were surveyed indicated that their firm has achieved “measurable results” from their Big Data investments. Further, a remarkable 80.7% of executives now characterize their Big Data efforts to have been successful. This marks a sharp contrast with previous years, where investment levels had grown, but results had yet to be realized for most corporations.

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Daily Report: Big Data Comes to the Medicaid Debate

Like so much in Washington, those partaking in the impending debate over Medicaid costs may lose sight of the facts. But that’s not to say the facts won’t be available.

A San Francisco start-up called Nuna has managed to gather the information of 74 million Medicaid recipients. It is a formidable achievement, data scientists said, given the state-by-state nature in which Medicaid is administered.

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Big Brother collecting big data — and in China, it's all for sale

Living in China, it's safe to assume pretty much everything about you is known — or easily can be known — by the government. Where you go, who you're with, which restaurants you like, when and why you see your doctor.

Big Brother doesn't even need to be watching with his own eyes.

There is an entire network — the internet inside China's Great Firewall — designed to gather the information. And there's an industry of private and state-owned high-tech enterprises serving it.

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