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FCC Says 'No Thanks' To Big Data Competition, 'Yes' To Monopolies

Until the FCC decided to get involved, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulated the privacy practices of big data companies (e.g., Google GOOGL +0.85%, Facebook FB +0.19%, and Amazon) and internet access providers (e.g., Comcast CMCSA +0.11%, AT&T T -0.01%, and T-Mobile) in the same way. The FTC applies its privacy framework equally to commercial entities of all types because, “Whether such collection occurs online or offline does not alter the consumer’s privacy interest in his or her data.”

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IEEE Talks IoT: Chris Miyachi

Question: As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects innumerable data-generating devices across the world, do you hear concerns in the cloud computing community that current approaches and technologies have limitations?

Chris Miyachi: I do hear concerns and I think there are limitations. Cloud computing today in some ways makes it appear as if we have an infinite amount of data storage available. But people in the cloud computing field that I speak with say that, eventually, we may “fall off a cliff.” And they suspect that, possibly, IoT represents that cliff. I’m not an expert on IoT by any means, but the projections for big data in an age of IoT that I’ve seen certainly suggest that we’ll need to adapt existing strategies and technologies and develop new ones to meet that challenge.

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Healthcare Data Warehouse

Cloud-Based Big Data Warehouses Deliver Unparalleled Benefits for Healthcare

PHEMI, developer of enterprise-grade big data privacy, governance, and management solutions, today released a new white paper, Healthcare Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud. Produced in conjunction with healthcare cloud computing firm, ClearDATA, the white paper illustrates the benefits cloud-based big data warehouses offer healthcare organizations.

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